All Your Wedding Save the Date Questions Answered

Is the sound of wedding bells in the future for you and your beau? Congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderful lifelong journey with your best friend and partner in crime! Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration of love without the presence of your family and friends there on your special day.

To increase the likelihood of being surrounded by all your favorite people, you’ll want to send out a save the date.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Wedding Save the Date FAQs

What does it mean to save the date?

A save the date is an announcement sent out to prospective guests asking them to reserve the specified wedding date on their calendar.

Do we have to send a save-the-date?

Of course you have the option not to send one if you don't want to, but by giving your guests a heads up, you give them time to plan for your celebration. As a general rule of thumb, it is an expected courtesy especially if your wedding will be held during peak travel periods like during the summer or holiday season.

When do I send save the dates?

Generally, it's best to start letting people know six to eight months prior to the date (earlier if it’s a destination wedding or on a holiday weekend). Between busy schedules and making travel arrangements, this will give your guests ample time to cover their bases like saving cash, booking travel and requesting time off from work.

Send it earlier and it may go on the backburner and be forgotten; any later, you’d be better off just sending an invitation.

Which information should we include?

At this point, you’re not expected to have all the details figured out. The goal is to let invitees know when and where the nuptials are taking place. Include the need-to-know basics such as

  • The couple's names,
  • Wedding date (or dates, for a wedding weekend),
  • Location: city/state or city/country

You can also include a notice for a formal invitation to follow, but this isn’t a must.

If you're planning on creating a wedding website, the ideal would be to launch it in time for the save the date, but again, this is not a necessity.

Do you send save the dates to the wedding party?

Yes! Send one to everyone on your “must-have” guest list—including your maid of honor who follows your every move on Pinterest.

Do we have to send save the dates to everyone?

Only send your save the dates to the guests you would definitely want there on your big day. Even if you’ve received a verbal confirmation, send one anyway.

Is a save the date the same as a wedding invitation?

A save the date is not the same as a formal wedding invitation. It is merely an announcement of your nuptials.

Do you RSVP to save the date?

RSVPs aren’t expected; this is the initial announcement that gives guests the time to decide what their RSVP will be when they receive their formal invitation.

Can we send electronic save-the-dates?

Gone are the days of snail mail invites? We don’t think so! While online evites might be becoming commonplace for informal wedding events like bachelorette parties and celebratory brunches, we believe in sticking to tradition for things like save the dates and formal invitations. With our one-of-a-kind creations, why would you want anything else?

Save the Date Etiquette

Do we include plus ones on the save the date?

At this point, it is best to specify who exactly is invited to the wedding. Making this clear by including the names of all intended guests on the envelope, lessens the chances of having assumed invitees (like your cousin’s new love interest), or general confusion (can I bring the kids?).

What happens if we change the date or location after we’ve sent the save the dates?

We’d hope that prior to sending out the save the dates you’d have details such as your date and location (city/state or city/country) confirmed. But sometimes life happens and things change.

Should you find yourself in an unexpected sticky situation, your next step should be to update your wedding website ASAP and pick up the phone to start letting people know. There is the option of sending out another batch of announcements explaining the dilemma—but in situations like these, verbal notice is the best. Enlist the help of your bridal party if you begin to feel overwhelmed!

What about our registry information?

We’re sure your guests will want to know what’s on your registry and where you’re registered, but including this information on your save the dates is a no-no. Guests can check your wedding website (where your registry information should live) which should be listed on your invitation. 

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