10 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Table Decoration

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

When planning your reception décor, the first thing that comes to mind is the decor of the dining tables. 

For much of the evening, this will serve as the basis for many of the guests’ social interactions so designing the perfect centerpiece is a must! 

From the extravagant to the stylishly understated, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite centerpieces that are sure to wow your guests.

1. Vintage Lantern Centerpiece


Going for that quaint, vintage aesthetic? Take your guests back in time with a stunning, yet simple lantern centerpiece. Originally used as protective enclosures for light sources, these pieces make a beautiful addition to any table. Simplicity is key with this setting. Decorate with baby’s breath and a few lit candles and you’ve got yourself an easy to set-up, budget-friendly centerpiece.

Source: Pinterest

2. Rustic Wooden Centerpiece

Looking for ways to incorporate natural elements into your wedding to give your ceremony that rustic feel? Why not incorporate some wood into your decor? Simple and charming, these wooden pieces make the perfect vessels for floral arrangements. The beautiful earth tones and multitude of textures create a stunning visual display.

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3. Glamorous Geometric Terrariums

Are you inspired by more modern and trendy designs? Consider using a geometric terrarium as a centerpiece. Versatile and glamorous, terrariums are a super hot trend in the wedding world and for good reason! They are multifaceted and can be used to showcase flowers and succulents or candles and lights. They come in a variety of eye-catching shapes and will make a stunning and fashionable statement.

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4. Charming Succulent Centerpieces

Want something more earthy? Featuring succulents adds an interesting texture to any centerpiece. Pair them with a few key floral pieces like peonies, dahlias and roses to add a pop of color. Best of all, these low centerpieces allow conversation to flow easily between guests.

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5. Elegant Floating Candle Centerpiece

Floating candle.jpg
There’s something about the combination of water, flowers and floating candles that’s just pure magic. Set the mood for celebrating love with the gentle illumination of water and candles. Your guests will feel like they’re in a modern day fairytale.

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6. Antique Book Centerpieces


Looking for something that is both whimsical and unique? Try adding some literary flair to your florals by stacking a few antique books paired with your choice of flowers. Not only is this a creative way to add some character to your reception tables, by using minimalist blooms you’ll save some funds.

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7. Ginger Jar Centerpieces

Ginger Jars.jpg
Add some character to your table tops by using mini ginger jars as a base for your floral arrangements. These classic designs will provide a striking contrast to the colors of the flowers, giving the centerpiece a fresh, vibrant feel. One thing is clear, this decor is sure to make a powerful statement.

Source: Pinterest

8. Tropical Pineapple Centerpiece


Are you having a summer wedding and want to have a centerpiece that is a mix of tropical and unique vibes? Transport your guests to a beachy oasis with this one-of-a-kind pineapple arrangement. Not only is this piece bright and colorful, it will be a conversation starter and the highlight of many instagram feeds.

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9. Beach Chic Centerpiece


Do you want a fresh yet classic take on the nautical theme? Opt to use a giant seashell as the base for your flowers. This is perfect for any seaside celebration and combines the best elements of both land and sea.

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10. Classic Red Roses Centerpieces


Nothing declares love like a bouquet of red roses. You can’t go wrong when you adorn your tables with this time-honored aesthetic.

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