About us


About GP and Son Woodcrafting Inc. and our story....

My name is Gerald Prusinski and I am the owner/creator of GP and Son Woodcrafting Inc. I have always been fascinated working and creating with wood so after losing my career due to corporate downsizing I decided to mix my love of computers and machinery with my desire to work with wood and GP and Son Woodcrafting Inc. was born. It is just my wife, my oldest daughter, and I running the day to day operation. When my job came to an end, I realized that it was the perfect opportunity to take a chance! I designed and built my own custom CNC router machine, set up a workshop in my tiny 10x16 shed and went to work on my new endeavor.

At the moment the current scale of operations at GP and Son Woodcrafting Inc. is limited by staffing: we are a small family business with my wife handling the marketing, customer service, finishing and shipping, my daughter handling some of the finishing, packing, and other day to day errands, and I take care of designing and developing new products, our website, and production. Although GP and Son Woodcrafting Inc. is still in its infancy stage, we are continuing to grow! We have moved since we opened, to a new shop with 5 times more space, brought in some new equipment in order for us to do larger signs and I have designed and built a second CNC in order to better keep up with the growing demand for our products, and designed and built a laser engraver for use beginning late 2015.

My mission for GP and Son Woodcrafting Inc. is to create high quality personalized family name signs, goods, home wares and personal accessories that are handmade with the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship. We focus on bringing back “Customer Service” to what it should be. When you contact us for information on an order or custom project, we RETURN your email within that day, most times within the half hour. We strive to blend together the finest woods and finishing processes with the latest technology to bring you a quality product, with outstanding customer service.

We believe the customer service we provide will exceed your expectations. Please contact us if you have any questions, if you want to have a custom sign made that you don’t see here, or if you need assistance for any reason whatsoever.

Top reasons to buy your sign from us:

♠ QUICK turnaround.

♠ HIGH Quality intricate 3D carving, unlike some other mass produced signs

♠ We offer a wide variety of stain color choices and can paint certain signs upon request.

♠ I use only top grade genuine American woods such as select pine, red cedar, red oak hardwood, cypress.

♠ High quality carving. Light and dark contrasting stains along with the deeply carved graphics and text is something that will never be portrayed on flat painted signs or with vinyl stickers. There is a considerable “wow factor” and uniquenes like no other.

♠ High quality finish. We use high quality Polyurethane for a clear glossy durable finish. Most shops do not put any finish on their signs after the carving or the application of stickers.

♠ We offer personalized signs in a wide variety of sizes. Many decorating needs require larger signs. Most of our competitors limit the size of their offerings to less than 24" or 30" long. This is due to the fact that their production process will not allow for a larger sign to be made. At GP and Son Woodcrafting Inc. we don't have that limitation. We can custom design signs as little as 1" x 1" or as large as 50" x 7 feet. 

♠ GP and Son Woodcrafting Inc. offers a wide variety of Established Signs and Family Name Signs. We offer you the ability to personalize your sign with many graphics and design choices, are happy to create custom signs on request. If you want a unique sign idea brought to life, please contact us.

♠ This is a true american family hand-made operation. There are no helpers or employees. When you buy a sign from us you are dealing with my family, we are the designers, the makers, the finishers, the customer service reps, and floor sweepers.

These signs also make great gifts, for yourself or anyone you know; let us make one for you !

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